Drive Formula 1 Car Europe

Drive Formula 1 Car Europe

Drive Formula 1 Car Europe. First of all, this post is designed to help you answer your questions about Drive Formula 1 Car Europe Courses.

We also look at where Drive F1 Courses take place. Another benefit of reading this post is to find out what dates Formula 1 Driving Experience Courses are available.

Furthermore, we discuss the range of options that are available and in addition to this, we look at the technical specifications of the Formula 1 cars used on each Drive Formula 1 Car Europe Courses.

Due to the popularity of the Formula 1 Car, and the high profile of Formula 1 Grand Prix races worldwide, including Circuit De Catalunya, Barcelona, home of the Spanish Grand Prix, the demand for Drive Formula 1 Car Europe has grown dramatically over the last few years.

Since 1929, Monaco has been recognised as the home of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.
As a result of this history, it’s easy to understand how Drive a Formula 1 Car Monaco was born here in 1992.

Since then, Drive a Formula 1 Car Monaco has been offering Formula 1 fans the opportunity to drive a Formula 1 car at Circuit Du Var, South of France, whilst staying in a luxury Monaco Hotel.

As a result of the popularity in Monaco, the same format was developed for Drive Formula 1 Car in Barcelona. Seems like staying in a 5 star Barcelona hotel is maybe a very popular trip on it’s own right.

Probably the most important thing, for the Formula 1 fan, is not the luxury hotel but the opportunity to Drive a Real Formula 1 car around the Circuit De Catalunya, Barcelona. The luxury hotel overlooking the Barcelona marina makes your once in a lifetime experience, even more memorable.

Consequently, with the addition of the 2011 Williams FW33, developing 700bhp from it’s 2.4L Cosworth V8 engine, demand for Drive Formula 1 Car Barcelona Courses has sky rocketed. Therefore finding availability can be very difficult.

The same could be said for Drive Formula 1 Car France Courses, which are held at Magny Cours circuit, former home of the French Grand Prix.

Because of the popularity of the historic Magny Cours circuit, Formula 1 Driving experiences are now well established. Consequently, the introduction of the Williams FW33 Formula 1 car has seen greater demand from individuals and Corporate hospitality groups.

Almost as popular as Barcelona, is the opportunity to Drive a Williams FW33 around the stunning Hungaroring circuit in Hungary. Here you get the chance to live out your dreams of driving on the same track as current and former Formula 1 champions.

Most of all, we take a close look at the technical specifications of the Formula 1 cars you could be driving. If you are going to pay a lot of money to drive a Formula 1 car, you want to make sure that it is the genuine article, and not a Formula 1 chassis with an F3 engine.

“The Ultimate Driving Experience” Drive a Formula 1 Car in Europe. The unique opportunity to drive a modern-day Formula 1 Car, with an unrestricted V8 Formula 1 engine developing up to 100 bhp, on a current or former Grand Prix circuit.

Williams FW33

If you choose the most modern F1 Car available for member of the public to drive at the moment, you can get behind the wheel of a Williams FW33 which produces 700 bhp from a 2.4 ltr Cosworth V8 engine.

This is the real thing, Drive a Formula 1 Car in Europe is a full days driving course with theory and practical tuition from race professionals, driving experience in an F3 car before you are let loose in the ultimate driving machine the 650 bhp Formula One car.

Alternative V8 and V10 Formula 1 Cars

Drive a Formula 1 Car in Europe

The Prost AP04 above as driven by Jean Alesi.

Not everyone wants to spend the extra money on Driving the FW33. You can still get a really scary, adrenaline pumping experience, driving the

  • Prost AP04 : Now fitted with a 650 bhp V8 Cosworth or V10 Peugeot engine. Raced in 2001 by Jean Alesi.
  • Benetton B198 : Now equipped with a 650 bhp 3.5L V8 Cosworth engine. Designed for the 1998 season, and driven by Alexander Wurz and Giancarlo Fisichella.
  • Williams FW21 : Fitted with a V8 Cosworth. Ralf Schumacher achieved two podium finishes with this car in 1999
  • Jaguar R2 : Cosworth CR3 V10 naturally aspirated engines are amongst the most powerful machines available for Formula 1 Driving Experiences – 700 bhp. The Jaguar R2 finished third in Monaco with Eddie Irvine at the wheel in 2001
  • Williams FW33 2011 : Powered by the latest generation Cosworth engine developing over 900 bhp, and the cars are in the original race set-up as driven by Rubens Barrichello, Pastor Maldonado and Valtteri Bottas

Drive these cars at the former French Grand Prix circuit, the Spanish Grand Prix circuit or the Hungarian Grand Prix circuit.

Also available to drive are the Larrousse, Jordan EJ11, Arrows FA17 (Damon Hill’s winter testing car), Benetton B198, Prost AP02, an ex-Jean Alesi Prost AP04 – V10 – truly a thing of beauty.

ASG Formule 1

PROST AP02 – V8 Cosworth 650HP

ARROWS A20 – V8 Cosworth 650HP

AGS SH03 – V8 Cosworth 650HP

All are equipped with traction control, steering wheel mounted paddle-shift, carbon brakes and a variety of engines including 700 bhp 3.5 litre Cosworth V8 that generates speed that most people can only dream about.

Power is only half the story, when you get behind the wheel of a real formula 1 car, because as soon as your tyres get hot, you will feel real G force as you accelerate into those corners. When you hit the brakes, your will feel the G force caused by rapid deceleration.

Also available to drive are the Arrows AP 20 and Prost AP02 Driven by Olivier Panis, both fitted with 650 bhp Cosworth DFR engines

All cars are equipped with traction control, steering wheel mounted paddle-shift, carbon brakes and a 3.5 litre Cosworth V8 engine that generates speed you can only dream of. Of course the power is only half the story, get the brakes up to temperature and your perception of “performance” will be altered forever. Zero to One Hundred miles an hour in a few seconds and stopping just as fast.

And if that is not enough of an adrenaline rush you can book a sensational ride in a 3-seater F1 with a professional driver at the wheel!

Best of all there is a truly refreshing approach from the instructors who are genuinely keen for you to really experience the incredible power and g-forces generated by these unrestricted power cars.
A world apart from the usual UK driving school “sausage factory” approach with artificial rev limits and over-bearing instructors.

If you prefer to mix with the rich and famous, why not visit Monaco the home of many Formula 1 drivers, and drive around the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit, combining your Monaco hotel stay with a Formula 1 driving course experience at the Circuit Du Var in the South of France.

This is just one example of the Unique Adrenaline experiences that are become more popular as a special birthday gift or a special treat you have always promised yourself.

If you want the experience to be extra special, you can even hire the circuit all for yourself for the day or invite a group of selected guests.

Get More Information. about “The Ultimate Driving Experience”.

New for 2016 is the Formula 1 Driving Experience Barcelona.

Also new for 2016 is the Formula 1 Driving Experience France.

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