Formula 1 Driving Experience France

Formula 1 Driving Experience France

Formula 1 Driving Experience France with Web2move Adrenaline Experience at Magny Cours Circuit. Drive the 700 bhp Williams FW33 Ultimate Driving Experience. New for 2016 is most up to date Formula 1 car available for the public to drive. You will need to dig deep into your pockets, or arrange a second mortgage, but it is well worth it. The Williams FW33 now available as the Ultimate Formula 1 Driving Course Experience France.

Don’t mistake this for a 2 minute driving experience, in a restricted power engine or being made to follow a pace car, this is the real thing. A full days driving course with theory and practical tuition from race professionals, driving experience in an Formula Renault 2.0 car, before you are let loose in the ultimate driving machine the Formula One car.

Formula 1 Driving Experience France

If you choose the most modern F1 Car available for member of the public to drive at the moment, you can get behind the wheel of a Williams FW33 which produces 700 bhp from a 2.4 ltr Cosworth V8 engine.

Not only will you have the power, but you will have noise of a Formula 1 engine as they used to be.

The car you will be driving on the Formula 1 Driving Experience France, is just the same Williams FW33 as when it raced, with one exception, the KERS system has been disabled. It is still the original Cosworth power unit (revving to 16k), Williams gearbox and 6-pot carbon brakes.

Of course you are not going to be let loose in this very valuable machine without having experience in a less powerful car first. The good news is that there is a special course that will allow you to combine a drive in a V10 Jaguar R2, V8 Benetton B198, V10 Prost AP04 or a V8 Williams FW21 before you step into the Williams FW33.

4 laps around the Magny Cours Circuit in the Formula 1 car in the car that you choose, is included in the standard package, on the Formula 1 Driving Experience France, but you can preorder additional laps when you make your booking.

You can now choose between 4 different courses, Performance, High Performance, Ultimate or Extreme.

PERFORMANCE – 4 laps F1 Driving in V8 Benetton B198/V10 Prost AP04
HIGH PERFORMANCE – 4 laps F1 Driving in V8 Williams FW21/V10 Jaguar R2
ULTIMATE – 4 laps F1 Driving in Williams FW33
EXTREME – 3 laps F1 driving in V8 Benetton/V10 Prost Plus 5 laps F1 Driving in Williams FW33

To drive the FW33 – The Ultimate F1 Driving Experience Course – you do need to have already driven an F1 on one of our courses within the last 12 months. However, if you have not done this you can still drive the car. The Extreme F1 Driving Experience Course means you will be driving the Benetton or Prost first before you get behind the wheel of the 700 bhp Williams FW33.

If you choose the Ultimate or Extreme courses, you will receive a one-to-one briefing on the techniques of left foot braking and using the hand clutch. Remember this is a 2-pedal car – just brake and throttle – and to maximise the car’s potential it is essential to know and learn these new skills.

Places are still available on selected dates for a Formula 1 Driving Experience France from April until October.

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