Las Vegas and Hawaii Honeymoon

Las Vegas and Hawaii Honeymoon

Why choose a Las Vegas and Hawaii honeymoon? The popularity of this holiday is probably due to the contrasts between the two destinations. Las Vegas is an out of this world experience, created by humans, whilst the islands of Hawaii is an amazing creation of nature. And if your Las Vegas and Hawaii Honeymoon includes a stay or a visit to Big Island you will see creation in action as lava flow from the active volcano continues to make the island grow larger every day.

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Las Vegas
Las Vegas is an out of this world experience, designed to trick the mind into thinking you are not really in the heart of the Nevada desert.
From the Eiffel Tower to canals of Venice, from the giant roller coasters to the Pyramids of Egypt, experience New York, New York, ride on roller coasters and lose track of time in one of the many hotel casinos.

Whilst Las Vegas is fantasy, there are many real experiences available nearby. You can fly from Las Vegas to the entrance of the Grand Canyon, then tour around the rim, stand on the glass platform, or jump aboard a helicopter to experience what it is really like dropping down into the Canyon.
You could choose to stay over in a ranch near the Grand Canyon, and try out life as cowboy.

Most people who are looking at Holidays think of Hawaii as a resort, with a picture in the back of their mind of Waikiki beach.
Hawaii is often the name used instead of Big Island.
The truth is that Hawaii is the name for a group of islands, located in the Pacific Ocean many miles from the other USA states and is a popular holiday destination year round.

Waikiki is located in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. Other islands have a different character. Maui, also known as the Valley Isle, due to it’s landscape between two mountains, is the second largest island in the Hawaiian chain. Kauai is one of the oldest
Hawaiian islands as well as being one of the smallest, at only five hundred fifty square miles. Big Island is the home to an active volcano but has plenty of room for accomodating tourists, and the west of the island is very popular with scuba divers.