Top Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

Top Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

What are the top luxury honeymoon destinations? This is a question we are often asked. Based on enquiries, this is One to Ten Top Top Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

1. MALDIVES   View Resorts. Maldives Multi Centre Honeymoon.
2. SRI LANKA   View Resorts.   Sri Lanka Multi Centre Honeymoon.
3. MAURITIUS  View Resorts.   Mauritius Multi Centre Honeymoon.
4. KENYA        View Resorts.   Kenya Multi Centre Honeymoon.
5. THAILAND   View Resorts.   Thailand Multi Centre Honeymoon.
6. MALAYSIA   View Resorts.   Malaysia Multi Centre Honeymoon.
7. BALI           View Resorts.   Bali Multi Centre Honeymoon.
8. CARIBBEAN View Resorts.   Caribbean Twin Centre.
9. HAWAII       View Resorts.   Hawaii Multi Centre Honeymoon.
10. DUBAI        View Resorts.   Dubai Multi Centre Honeymoon.

Zanzibar Luxury Holidays

More and more couples are now choosing two or more destinations as each partner may have a different preference for their top luxury honeymoon destinations.

A city break or an action packed holiday can be combined with a relaxing beach break.

A growing number of honeymoon couples are choosing to combine a stay in the top two destinations of Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
These two destinations offer a wide range of holiday types including cultural, wildlife tour and active beach resorts or small secluded islands of the Maldives.

Mauritius in the centre of the Indian Ocean, has been a favourite destination for honeymooners for many years. Surprisingly other indian ocean islands of the Seychelles have not made it in to the list of the top 10. However this is fast growing in popularity.

Kenya has always been popular because it provides the opportunity to combine a luxury safari experience with a stunning exotic beach destination on the indian ocean, including Zanzibar.

Thailand is another country that has drawn Honeymooners due to such a wide choice beaches and small island hideaways. Over the past few years there has been a surge in interest for Thailand Multi Centre Honeymoon holidays which include Bangkok and other countries in the far east such as Malaysia which also has it’s own popular city of Kuala Lumpur.

Another destination which does not appear in the top 10 is Borneo. This is because Borneo island is split in two, half of which is classed as Malaysia.
Borneo is a destination with a difference and is home to the orangutans and you can arrange a visit to an orangutan sanctuary. You can even arrange to stay in a hotel which is located in the rainforest with it’s own sanctuary.

Bali is a tropical pardise fringed with perfect beaches and colourful coral reefs, with stunning natural beauty and friendly people who are proud of their ancient culture and traditions.
Bali is home to hundreds of rare and exotic species, including bumble bee-sized hummingbirds, and has some of the finest beaches in the Far East. No wonder Bali Honeymoon are two words spoken when they are looking for that special Holiday.

Because if it’s location, Bali Multi Centre Honeymoon holidays can include Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Caribbean has traditionally been the home of the Luxury Honeymoon with the islands of Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica all being popular. However the Caribbean island which probably best fits the title for top Caribbean Luxury Honeymoon destination could be St Lucia.

Hawaii has grown in popularity over the past few years to enter into the top 10. Part of the appeal of a Hawaii honeymoon is the choice of landscapes and atmosphere from a choice of islands and the ability to combine Hawaii with a USA city break staying in Las Vegas, San Franciso, New York to make a Hawaii Multi Centre Honeymoon.

Dubai perfect on it’s own as it can combine the experience of a city and beach, and perfectly placed as the hub for Emirates connections worldwide.

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